Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Site, New Goals!

While unsurprising, I think I will be slowly phasing out this blog for a new one... or maybe I will keep this around as a personal blog. I'm not sure yet. I kind of feel bad abandoning the hard work I've put into tweaking this blog to look nice (at least to me).

Why leave you say? Well, over the last couple of months Amy and I have decided to pursue or goals and desires to write and after taking some necessary steps to make that happen, we both decided that we each need a solid web presence considering our 21st century world is all about social networking and other electronic media and a simple blog was just simply not gonna cut the mustard. By the way, why the phrase "cut the mustard"? While not a fan of the stuff personally, my experiences have only ever been with a pasty or powdery substance.


Okay, after a brief Google search, Google doesn't really know either. Anyway, coming back to the subject at hand, like I mentioned above Amy and I felt the need to be more legit. This not to say that anyone with a blog is not legit, but we just wanted more.

So far we both have websites that we are working on to make presentable with real content, each of which have their blog and connections to our new Twitter accounts and Facebook Fan Pages. Yeah, we're kind of serious and want this to happen. With that said, once I launch my site and everything officially, most of my blogging content will be found there, but maybe I'll keep this blog around for my less than structured blog rants.


On a separate unrelated note, I have begun the process of hoping to be hired by the city of Austin as a firefighter. So far it has been a long process that started with over 5,000 applicants that was slightly whittled down to about 4,600 (including myself) applicants who were eligible to take a basic written exam last week. According the reports, about 3,300 showed up and from there the Austin Fire Department plans of whittling that number down by about a third based on scored on a moral/personality test we took that same day. If they didn't deem me a crazy man and I passed the basic written assessment test (which I felt good about) I should move onto the next step which is a structured oral interview. From there, those who make it past that are then moved on the the physical test called the CPAT. Then if I make it that far and pass that test and am among the top or remaining 100+ candidates I can then be hired to attend the Fire Academy to begin learning how to become a firefighter. It's a long process and some of the competition is fierce, but I hope I make it.

So far I've been trying to run and get into shape and get back into the swing of lifting weights and getting stronger... unfortunately ridiculously freezing temperatures lately don't provide too much motivation. More to come I hope.

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