Monday, August 15, 2011

"I'm Spartacus! I'm Spartacus! I'm... semi-fit."

Old School Spartacus, because seeing a half-naked
dude on your blog seems a little weird.
Okay, so summer is coming to a close and I've spent most of it being lazy. Though I can't take full responsibility for my laziness. Science has proven that extreme temperatures and probably lack of rain causes a certain feeling of laziness among people. So my desire to come home everyday and just crash on the couch is not entirely my fault. The mythical winged beast known as global warming is to blame. Not to mention living in Austin, Texas where one hundred plus degree days have been the norm.

So as I said, summer is coming to a close, back to school season is underway, and I have a vacation coming up in about twelve weeks. With all of that, I figure it was time to get back to business and start working out again... as well as writing. Might as well create some total life discipline.

Southern California, where I'll be a beach bum
for a week
Initially the vacation was to be in the Florida keys, but has since changed to the opposite end of the US map with California. While I'm sure I won't be sporting much a shirtless look in early November in California, I thought it would still be a good time frame to work with to get in shape. With that, I went in search of something I could do for twelve weeks, what I found was a workout program from Men's Health, The Spartacus Workout. Apparently, it was inspired by the Starz television show, 'Spartacus', whose actors must constantly stay in shape with little time to workout.

Scouring the web, I tried to see if in fact the workout was legit. Unfortunately, all I found were Ad sites trying to promote themselves by piggybacking off the popularity of the workout or forum sites filled with meat-heads who diss the workout because it doesn't make you like a WWE wrestler. Realizing it couldn't hurt... much, I've decided to give it try, since I myself have no desire to look like a WWE wrestler, but just desire to be strong and fit.

So today is Day 1. The plan is to incorporate a couple of days of weight training in-between the workout as well as maintain a decent diet. No hardcore calorie counting or anything considering I generally know what I should be eating and my breakfasts and lunches are nearly the same everyday. The key will to just be disciplined at dinner and know what I eat then.

I'm also thinking of doing the stereotypical before and after, but since I'm a wuss and self-conscious I might at least take the pictures now, but post when it's all said and done. That way, if I fail miserably or nothing really happens, I don't look like an idiot. Though, if it does work, I can be the first real person to say "No, I'm not thinking of trying it out, I did try it out and it worked (great, well, okay, or who created this thing?!)" and provide real answers to anyone else wanting to know.

What I look forward to the most though is a workout routine that doesn't involve me buying expensive DVDs, workout machines, or going to the gym to attempt to use machines I would probably have to wait hours to use and not in order as part of a circuit. It's all either yourself or free weights. Not even a chin-up bar that would never fit or hold in my house (I worry about the walls now without my hanging from some bar attached to them).

So it may still be a one hundred plus for the next month and a half, but I'm saying farewell to summer laziness!

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